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Screening Signaling Virus Cancer
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Nov 1: Naoki's HNSCC paper is accepted in Cancer Res.

Oct 3: Innate Immunity wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011

Sept 1: Jianzhong's RIG-I-PKC signaling paper is accepted in EMBO J.

June 9: Collaboration with Carolyn Coyne published in JBC.

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Sarkar Lab @ PITT

A Biomedical Research Group at University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI). We work towards better understanding of our body's response to viral infection.

We aspire to do good science with friends; to be at the top of our field; and to enjoy and spread the excitement, freedom, and joy of doing science, while living an integrated life between home and lab.
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Our Science:

The focus of our research is Innate Immunity. It is the inherent immune resistance of an organism against invading pathogens. We are particularly interested in our body’s response to virus infection, and how sometimes this response, when uncontrolled, leads to inflammatory diseases and cancer.
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Recent Papers of our Interest: